Duchess Catherine is the ruler of the Gladsome Antglade. She possesses great magickal power, which is mostly stored in her enchanted Regalia (which may also be the secret of her longevity.) Her eyes do not have pupils - having been bleached white by the malevolent power within her, as well as by drinking copious amounts of a local beverage known as "Usquebaugh" in addition to perhaps generous quantities of the other local beverage, "Persoc-Itoome."

Catherine is a descendant of Irenaeus, being a daughter of one of King Athanasius' younger sisters. She was married to a cousin, who was sent to govern the (then recently conquered) Antglade.

After the failed Antglade Rebellion and the death of her husband, Catherine ruled the newly-desolated swamp as a fearsome tyrant, ever plotting revenge against the Empire.

She is the villain of many tales told over the centuries to young elflets in an effort to frighten them into behaving. The only character more dreaded than Duchess O'Daisies in popular folklore is The Kringle.


The Duchess (sans regalia) exhorts her minions.

Catherine has two inbred son-cousins, Bodb and Matholwch, who will presumably succeed her to the Ducal throne someday. Both of them are idiots, although Matholwch (the younger of the two) seems to possess just enough wit to manage the remaining Persoc-Itoome bottling facility, which produces the beverage in small quantities for local consumption.