The de facto capital of the Vale of Elfhame. Aside from homes and some toy workshops, it is also the location of a prominent Gate, located upon the Grey Tor that gives the village its name. A temple to Fuma is located here; in former times, it was a place where the stars were worshipped, in keeping with the cult that dominated before The Coming of the Skunks. More prosaically, The Sheaf of Arrows, the only inn and public house in Elfhame, is located here as well.

The persimmon-farm of the Winterbough family was located just outside of the village, to its east. The Master's Lodge, the home of the Master of Elfhame and his Household, is also located east of the village.

TTL Farewell to Elfhame

A depiction of Westersloe Winterbough V leaving Greytor-village, on his way to join the Imperial & Royal Army. Of note is the steeple of the Temple to Fuma, at left, and the Gate upon the Grey Tor, in the distance at centre. Drawing by J.W. Kennedy.