Enormously popular and long-running series of scrolls and codices referred to repeatedly in The Winterbough Saga, and also referred to on occasion in The Ballad of Adler Young; a commentary, perhaps, on how long the series lasted, since it had its origins in the days of King Sartorius, who is sometimes credited with creating the character. Sir Ravenmad indicated to Westersloe Winterbough V in one adventure that he had written a number of the episodes under a pseudonym, as a number of other socially prominent furs did.

Jane, as the title states, is a lowfolk femme, specifically a vixen (at least in the official series). She is generally depicted as being sweet, naive, and dense as two hods of bricks. In every episode, she is tricked by Elves into losing her clothing. Inevitably, in the last panel, she is standing baffled and nude, usually in a crowd.

Arch Publications was the "official" producer of the scrolls and codices, though as "The Coin of the Realm" notes, there were many pirated editions of Jane that were quite a bit more crude, both in writing and in artwork.

Certain scrolls in the official series are worth significant amounts of money, and have been the targets of theft. The adventure "Speaking Volumes" revolves around three Jane scrolls that were used in a dangerous conspiracy against the Crowns; it also has much to say about the publication of the series.

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The famous cover of Jane, the Lowfolk Femme #1, as reproduced by J.W. Kennedy.

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Jane visits a very fancy ball, having been tricked into wearing a magickal dress by two trickster elves. From an official Jane story drawn by "Wom-Bat."