In the standard Imperial coinage instituted by King Thorwald, 28 copper florins equal one silver crown. Four silver crowns equal one gold bravo. The abbreviations are f, c, and b respectively. For easy reference:

1b=4c=112f B is gold, C is silver, F is copper.

Vulpitania (probably for the sake of confusing everyone) has its own currency, consisting of bars of silver alloy called "zillion." Fifty zillion bars (according to an exchange rate cited in the Ballad of Adler Young) would be equivalent to 23b, 3f in Imperial coins. The Ambassador implied that there is a higher denomination called "bazillion," but the value of a bazillion bar has not been definitely established. Vulpitanians typically carry their money in a pouch called a "wazoo." Thus the expression "To pay out the wazoo."