Letters of rank designating a Vulpitanian official.

The letters can stand for just about anything, from Simple Abject Lowly Vassal to Supreme Ambassador Lord Viscount. Somehow most Vulpitanians seem to know what actual ranks these combinations signify. As a SALV's status increases, he or she will be permitted to wear a monocle (a coveted token of social distinction among Lower Vulpitanians). Higher levels of achievement will be marked with medals; medals pinned to a sash always outrank medals pinned directly to a shirt or jacket. Portliness is also a mark of high prestige.

Upper Vulpitanian SALVs are less concerned with visible trappings of rank. They dress in simple but elegant clothes (usually black) and are treated deferentially by their Lower Vulpitanian counterparts.


A very important SALV accompanied by his Secretarial Administrative Liaison Vixen.