The ninth High-King and Emperor of Faerie of the House of Irenaeus, also referred to as "Sartorius the Dissolute." His name is sometimes spelled "Sartorious" in Elfhame, likely as a result of mistranslation.

In his time, a greatly popular king, well known for his love of food, drink, and above all, femme-furs of nearly every conceivable species. Unlike his great-grandson Estmere Gawainsson, he did have an interest in mephitesses, and had three legitimate offspring: (1) Adler Sartoriusson, (2) Roland Sartoriusson, and (3) Stella Sartoriussdottir, the last-named of which died young, owing to the Curse of Inner Fire.

Legend has it that Sartorius was not only an enormous fan of Jane, the Lowfolk Femme, but that he wrote some of the episodes, and may have even created the character.

Some scholars have noted the strong physical resemblance between Sartorius and Estmere. It has been said that certain articles of furniture belonging to Sartorius were brought out of storage by Estmere, including a throne capable of seating three.

IHSV Peach Spider Surprise

King Sartorius plays a prank on his Floozies, utilizing an enormous peach spider killed by his son Roland Sartoriusson. Drawing by J.W. Kennedy from "In Hoc Signo Vinces."

Sartorius 1-page comic

Sartorius considers what to do with his sons, in this one-page comic drawn by J.W. Kennedy; the events here are alluded to in "In Hoc Signo Vinces." Some Floozies are seen in this comic, including the pangolin giving him advice.