A location in the East Country of the Mephitist Empire, notable for its dank, swampy terrain. It was the site of a pitched battle during a baronial uprising in the reign of King Sartorius. The battle is notable for the fact that the Elfhame Rangers were wiped out, to a buck, in the course of the battle. This disaster had profound effects on the economy and society of Elfhame, in that it exacerbated an already serious population crash, and devastated the morale of the Vale.

For the Winterbough family of Elfhame in particular, the battle was a disaster, as Westersloe Winterbough III, his two buck-fawns Westersloe IV and Forrest, and his two grand-buck-fawns Castor and Pollux were all killed in the battle.

The battle is a key plot element in the adventure "Speaking Volumes," as it becomes clear that the disaster was a direct result of treason by a cabal of generals and civilians, including the then-Master of Elfhame, Fumasgift Bowyer, and Augustus Chitterleigh.