Kringle Unaussprechlichen is a rotund, bearded, unnaturally jolly creature (not an elf, as far as anyone knows) who lives in Frostheim. Though a beloved figure of Yuletide beneficence to lowfolk children, Kringle is feared among the elves of the Mephitist Empire. When Winter comes, Kringle takes over Albric Tor and tyrannizes those elves too poor or too slow to escape. He forces them to wear humiliating outfits and ugly sweaters known as "kringlgenser" while they work as slaves building the toys that Kringle dispenses to undeserving lowfolk whelps.

Kringle drives a powerful sleigh pulled by feral reindeer (a sure sign of unnatural evil, since the standard beast of burden throughout Faerie is the giant ant.) He is said to be fond of hunting dangerous game, including Ice-Kraken, during the off season. It is also whispered in gruesome nursery tales that Kringle's red-and-white suit is made from the flayed hides of elves who dared to defy him.