The Vulpitanian Republic is a conquered subject-state of the Mephitist Empire. Its population consists mainly of fox-elves, with very small marginalized minorities of other species.

Vulpitanian foxes are very sly and crafty; they are regarded by most outsiders as Unseelie. Although they, like all elves, do not lie, Vulpitanians consider cheating & deceit to be the highest virtues.

As part of the treaty outlining the Republic's terms of surrender to the Empire, Vulpitanians arrested for crimes in the Empire must be extradited to Vulpitania for trial - however, the treaty also required the Republic to dissolve its judicial system, meaning there is no place for Vulpitanian criminals to be tried. This is just one example of the kind of devious illogic that rules Vulpitanian society.

Vulpitania's economy is based on the manufacture and export of jokes, novelties, and shoddy merchandise of all descriptions - usually cheap imitations of better-made products from other parts of the Empire.

Most Vulpitanians are (at least technically) worshipers of Fuma. However, they especially revere Saint Reynard, a legendary vulpine trickster from the Long Ago.

Geographically, the Republic occupies a slice of Faerie containing balmy coastal plains and lofty, rugged mountains. Lower Vulpitanians tend to be vapid and frivolous, and speak in one of two distinct dialects: The older generations affect a cheesy German accent while the youngsters speak in a txt-inspired patois of misspellings, abbreviatons, numbers, and aberrant punctuation. Upper Vulpitanians are somber and bookish, have no discernible accent, and govern their lives by a mysterious "Plan" which is written on the walls of a monastery high in the mountains.

Upper Vulpitanian names when spelled backwards often reveal hidden clues regarding their true nature.

Vulpitanians of rank and distinction always have the initials SALV prefixed to their names.